Connecting people to the watershed, nature, and each other


Our name means Watershed Defenders. A non-profit dedicated to helping the Latino community connect with the natural world through knowledge, shared experiences, and opportunities to preserve and defend the Chesapeake Bay watershed for a healthier mind, body and soul.



Defensores de la Cuenca works to create a green infrastructure and network that is both inviting and inspiring from the point of view of the Latino community. We work to build strong and resilient communities, to promote a sustainable way of life, to bring prosperity through shared resources and opportunities, and to grow a dedicated group of defenders for the watershed.



Defensores creates opportunities for Latin@s to make meaningful connections to nature. We create an inviting atmosphere for Latin@s to tell our stories and express our culture, faith, and love of nature.


Defensores works to educate the Latino community on the important role the environment has on our lives, our health and well-being and and the impact we have on it.


“Do the best you can until you know better. 

Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou



Defensores believes that with access to the right resources, the Latino community can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to become strong leaders in their own way. We want to be an outlet where Latin@s can share their interests, talents, and passion for nature and the environment. Through cooperation and community empowerment we believe we all can make an impactful difference.

Próximos Eventos

Foro Comunitario - Acceso al Espacio Verde y la Relación con la Salud Comunitaria
Thu, Oct 15
Online Forum
Oct 15, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Online Forum
¿Sabías que el acceso a los espacios verdes tiene un impacto directo en nuestra salud? ¿Qué significa eso para la comunidad latina? ¿Cómo nos ha impactado eso?
Tercer Taller: Salud Y Medio Ambiente, Cómo Se Relaciona Y Los Beneficios
Sat, Oct 03
Reunión de Zoom
Oct 03, 7:50 PM
Reunión de Zoom
Únase a nosotros en persona o virtualmente mientras hablamos sobre cómo disfrutar de la naturaleza y comprender cómo nos beneficiamos de la Madre Tierra. Conozca la relación directa entre nuestro entorno y nuestra salud física y mental.
Park Clean-up at Broadacres (rain or shine)/ Limpieza del Parque Broadacres (lluvia o sol)
Sat, Oct 03
Broadacres Local Park
Oct 03, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Broadacres Local Park, 710 Beacon Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20903, USA
Come celebrate St. Francis of Assisi and the Season of Creation / Celebramos San Francisco de Asis y el fin de Tiempo de Creacion



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