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Voces de la Cuenca: Carolina Sanabria

In the Summer of 2023, Carolina Sanabria became one of Defensores de la Cuenca's first Summer Interns.

Carolina is currently studying Environmental Science and Conservation at George Mason University. She is passionate about environmental protection and wildlife conservation and has advocacy experience as a Citizen Science and Public Engagement intern with the Audubon Society of Northern Virginia. During her time with them, she engaged with the community and created bilingual resources. In her free time, she loves to volunteer with animals at Arlington Welfare Rescue League and Animal Education and Rescue Organization.

Below is a recap of Carolina's time as a Summer Intern with Defensores de la Cuenca

What was your first event & how did it go?

The first event I attended as an intern was the graduation of La Academia's Class Beta at Sandy Point State Park. I was excited to be on the Defensores team and assist with anything needed. The day was full of outdoor activities and delicious food. I did a fish painting activity, learned about net fishing, and enjoyed swimming at the beach. It was nice getting to know the participants of La Academia and seeing them celebrate their accomplishments.

What other events stood out to you?

AfueraFest was an amazing experience that I was happy to share with others. It was my first time camping, and I thought the chosen location, Rocky State Gap Park, was perfect. The park has so much to offer, and the mountain views were breathtaking. The event was a good way to build connections with one another, and to learn rock climbing or fishing. I would love to do a camping trip again, and now I know how to prepare for one.

How was your overall experience as an intern?

My summer internship with Defensores de la Cuenca was overall a positive experience. It showed me ways to be involved in the community and how impactful it is to see people gain a love for nature. I've learned that planting trees is hard work, but it is very rewarding to know how much they give back to all life. There is a lot of preparation that goes into the events and programs, so I respect the hard work Defensores puts to make it happen. I will definitely recommend the organization's available opportunities to others.

Voces de la Cuenca is our new blog to highlight community members, staff, and anyone working to defend the Chesapeake Bay and its watersheds.

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