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Voces de la Cuenca: Veronica Reid

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Last month, the Defensores de la Cuenca team met Veronica Reid at our summit.

Veronica Reid is Chilean. She has a passion for advocacy, diversity, equity and inclusion. Before moving to the US, she worked in the corporate field, where she developed total quality processes, training small and medium-sized businesses to reach new markets, improve products, processes, as well as the quality of life of owners and employees. Through her career, she has empowered people to find their voice, develop new skills, imagine and build a better future.

Below read a bit about Veronica Reid and her efforts in our communities.

Veronica Reid holds a Bachelor of Human Services and a Master of Public Administration. At The Virginia Community Voice, Veronica began as a community advocate, working with the Green Working Group. In the spring of 2022, Veronica took on a new role as director of the Leadership Academy, a bilingual program for historically marginalized neighbors to develop leadership capabilities and implement solutions according to their perspectives.

How did you hear about the summit?

As part of the work I do in the community, I am in contact with many leaders, as well as community members and neighbors. I am always learning new things and sharing resources from other leaders and with the community. As for the Defensores de la Cuenca, I had heard about their work and I am committed to the ecological efforts and mental health of the Spanish-speaking community. I was invited by Dalia Tejada Halter, EdD, MBA Outreach and Member Engagement Specialist at DMAS, in Richmond, VA, who previously attended the event.

Tell us about one of the greening issues for the Latino community you were involved in.

As part of the nonprofit agency, La Voz Comunitaria de Virginia, and thanks to the NOAA grant, I had the opportunity to offer a climate resilient event in 100% Spanish, building a bridge between the Virginia Science Museum and the Hispanic community. I hope to continue to support ecological efforts, creating spaces for personal, family and community growth by uniting mental health issues with ecological programs and protection and creation of natural spaces. Self-awareness and personal growth and building resilience in our communities.

Tell us a little about the Resilient Nation.

It is a very ambitious new project. I am opening a nonprofit agency called The Resilient Nation (Nación Resiliente), which aims to create spaces for the development of individual, family and community resilience, supporting the immigrant community to identify their strengths and develop leadership.

Follow Veronica Reid's new non-profit organization she has been working on for the past 20 years and check out her event on October 18th. Facebook: Nación Resiliente

Voces de la Cuenca is our new blog to highlight community members, staff, and anyone working to defend the Chesapeake Bay and its watersheds.

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